Out Of The Box Thinking Through Mathematics

About Mathematics:

Mathematics is not just mechanical calculations of numeracy or mere plugging of borrowed formulas existing for ages. It is a study of facts of numeracy and logic, where logic is interwoven in the study of mathematics. It provides an opportunity to explore self-assessment, data processing, validation, to develop broader thinking by dealing with a variety of problems which lead to multiple solutions. The joy of discovery in this process, helps realize the powerful applications of mathematics in various fields from Anthropology, Archaeology, Astronomy, Biology and so on.

About the Course:

Logic being the undercurrent in the study of mathematics, it is essential to develop a broader thinking, through its applications in the expanding world of technology. From solving a fun sudoku puzzle to completing an important scheduled project, the logic of working is much more important than the arithmetic involved in it. This requires creative thinking and a broader perception that is often known as Out of the box thinking. Out of the box thinking is solving problems through an indirect and creative approach, using reasoning that is not immediately obvious, and involving ideas that may not be obtainable by using only traditional step-by-step logic. In this unique course, such thinking is emphasized through rediscovering the known and unknown facts of mathematics logically, with an interesting broader perception of the manner of doing it.

For Whom:

These courses are easily accessible from your school children to professionals and researchers. The four graded independent levels of the courses present multiple approaches to problem-solving, debunking the myth that problem-solving is for the elite. It introduces new techniques in an easy-to-understand fashion; prepares the users to face real-life projects with confidence and ease.

Shri Sadagopan Rajesh

Shri Sadagopan Rajesh is a Mathematics Educator with deep passion for the subject.

He has been teaching Mathematics for the past 30 years among various range of students, both school and college, from age 10 years, motivating them with a variety of creative and designed courses.

As the founder director of Aryabhatta Institute of Mathematical Sciences since 1997, he has been conducting nurture programmes from primary to high school students, inculcating in them a love for problem solving, thus leading to Mathematical and other Olympiads.

Many of his students have chosen Mathematics as their career and a lot are doing research in the same.

He has been a resource person for several Mathematical Olympiad exposure camps at regional, national, and international levels, apart from conducting several teacher orientation and enrichment programs.

He is associated with Prof Kamakoti V, for about two decades, currently the Director of IIT M and under his inspiration, developed courses such as Beautiful Maths, etc... which have been productive in terms of propagation of Mathematics. This has culminated in this venture of OOBT courses with different levels (Out of the Box Thinking through Mathematics) to have a greater reach to students and professionals.

His popular taglines are: Keep Enjoying Mathematics; Formulation (Idea) is better than a rented formula.

According to Shri Sadagopan Rajesh, if we approach mathematics with discipline and passion not necessarily in a formal way but realize the subject with more logical and analytical reasoning, we can broaden our thinking. The important output is the development of skills which are essential to fit and effectively contribute in a rapidly changing technological world.

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Course Brief

How to access the course video

Steps to register for exams
3 Months Courses

Four Levels

10 weeks for each level
Periodic Assignments, Assessment and Answers

Courses are free online

Final exam carries a nominal fee.

Final exam is a proctored one conducted at centers in select cities across India.

Grade Certificate, based on evaluation of final exam, will be issued by IITM Pravartak.

Grade A – 85% and above

Grade B – 70% to less than 85%

Grade C – 55% to less than 70%

Grade D – 40% to less than 55%


Familiarity with basic concepts and ready mind set for learning non-routine problem-solving skills.

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