Out Of The Box Thinking Through Mathematics

Topics in Level 4 - Out Of The Box Thinking

Chasing the Ratios, What’s your Chance? Transformation Geometry, The Graphman (Function), Coloring Math, Friendly Trigonometry, Dr Calculus, Playing the Series, Gate way to Conic Caves, Vector – The powerful arrow, Travel with Coordinates! Is it Possible? Imagine the Complex! Induction – The Relayman, The Art of Counting-1!, The Art of Counting-2!, Driving Algebra, Recursion, Collecting Special Numbers, Mixed Bag.

Total number of Topics: 20. Net Lecture Duration: 30 hours.

Here is an interesting topic on descriptive geometry, also called construction geometry, which finds numerous applications in Architecture and Civil Engineering. Basic constructions of triangles with specified angles, based on ratios of sides are derived, by combining simple standard right and equilateral triangles. This also leads to ratios of sides and diagonals of polygons.

Outcomes:Effective use of Pythagoras theorem, similarity and dissection of triangles into standard right triangles.