Out Of The Box Thinking Through Mathematics

Topics in Level 1 - Out Of The Box Thinking

Puzzles Math, Calendar Math, Odd and Even, Tuning Technique, Number Trip Game, Doing and Undoing, Visual Maths, Who am I?, Divisibility Blocks, Missing Digits, Follow the Sequence!, Mask Math, Cow Grass Theory.

Total number of Topics: 13. Net Lecture Duration: 20 hours.

Puzzles involve two aspects: definite and suspense. The challenge is to break the suspense using the definite paths. The order of using the definite paths, enhances logical thinking and concentration. The procedure for solving the puzzles is broken into small exercises which focus on the important steps in the solution. This helps in solving any complex puzzle of the same genre.
Outcomes: Concentration, Topic-specific knowledge, Problem Solving skills, Memory, Enhancement of self-esteem.

No need to complete level – 1 to take level – 2.